Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Map" the Date

Today, we shipped out Kate and Brady's awesome save the dates! This is a new design that was based on the Kate's idea of using a map of the area where they are getting married on the save the date. The actual card is a white pearl square with their names, save the date and date on the front -- accommodations information are provided on the back. The fun part is the vellum band that wraps around the save the date. In order to create the map, I got a crash course in the roads in and around Millbrook, NY, using Kate's guidance, along with google! In addition to the roads, I included some of the key venues for the wedding weekend. And, when the vellum band goes around the card, SAVE THE DATE shows through the map...too cute! Enjoy!


  1. How creative of the Bride! I love it!! I am getting married next year and I am definitely stealing this idea.

  2. I love this idea! And your map is great! What program did you use to creat it? I got married last year and hand drew a map for our invitations. Now I'm working on a few invitations for friends and I think they might want a more polished look! I love your designs keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for loving the "Map" the Date post! Actually, I use Illustrator for my designs, but I think you could use Word or Publisher and using lines and adjusting the "edit points" to make the lines look like roads! :) Or, let me know and we can do it for you. Take Care!